Frequently Asked Questions

Although our software is extremely easy to use, hopefully this can answer any remaining questions you may have.

Getting Started For Coaches

After purchasing the software, head to the "activate" tab and you will see a download link.

After you purchase the software, you can head to the "activate" tab to finish the registration process. You will need to enter your name, transaction ID, email, and your computer's machine ID to retrieve your unique license key.

In order to prevent users from sharing their license key, we store your machine ID in order to verify it's your computer trying to use the software. To get your machine ID, simply download and run the software and click the "Generate Machine ID" button.

The coach ID is used to identify your account. When your clients are signing up on the website, they will need to enter your coach ID so their account gets directly linked to your coaching account.

No. There is only a fee required for coaches.

Contact us! We are here to help 24/7 and will guide you through the installation process.

Getting Started For Clients

Head to the "account" tab and in the drop down menu, select "sign up". Fill out your information and enter your coaches ID they provide to you. After you are finished, you may login and navigate to your client plan information.

Yes. To change your password, login to your account and navigate to the "profile" tab and you will see the boxes to enter and save a new password to your account.

No. Your coach is the only person that has access to updating your plan.

Pricing & License Information

Each license key is limited to being used by one computer. We do not allow you to run our software on multiple devices without purchasing keys for each device.

Absolutly not! If you have purchased the software before, we do allow you to deactivate a device and register a new one free of charge up to TWO times.

We offer packages ranging from a 50 client maximum all the way to unlimited clients. Our goal is to provide packages that support both large coaching businesses and smaller ones.

We accept Cashapp, Paypal, Zelle, and Cryptocurrency. You may checkout with credit/debit cards through paypal.

This is strictly a Windows software. However, clients do not need to download anything. All clients plans are accessed through the online client panel.