What is Client Manager Pro?

Our software allows coaches to efficiently manage every aspect of their clients fitness plans, all from our simple windows application.

Lightening Fast Backend

Our backend is hosted on a dedicated Intel server with 64gb RAM and 8 CPU Cores. We also have DDoS protection to mitigate any attacks before program functionality is affected.

Encryption Data Communication

All data processed through our software is encrypted with AES 256-CBC. This algorithm is the industry standard and basically impossible to crack.

Client Editor

Simple Interface

Our software was designed to be easy to use while still having tons of capabilities. The interface is very simplistic and all features are labeled for extra insight.

High Performance

In one little program, you can add, edit, and delete clients, manage training plans/diets/supplements, use the built-in client check-in manager with scheduling, membership renewal manager, plus 10+ more features!

Training Page

Easily manage client training plans

Our software allows you to add, edit, and delete all types of information regarding training. You can manage exercies/movements, workout split, cardio information, cardio amount, and number of rest days. The information boxes don't have any special format, to make it simple we allow users to type anything into them.

Customizable nutrition plan with macrosnutrients included

Our software allows you to fully customize the nutrition plan for each client. You may set separate diets for training days and rest days along with separate macros for both. You may add an unlimited number of meals/information to each box, we don't limit you.

Nutrition Page

Advanced License Key System

After purchasing a copy, you will be sent a license key via email. You will use that key to login along with the client ID also provided in the same email. Your license key will be linked to your specific computer, you may not use the same license on multiple computers.

Login Page

Remember Login

To save time during login, you may check the box to save all your login data in a file. The config file is located in the startup path of the application.

Highly Secure

All of your data during login is encrypted using AES 256-CBC with a 32 byte key. If you chose to save your information, that will also be stored in an encrypted format.

24/7 Customer Service

Anytime you have a question, send an email to sales@clientmanager.pro. We are here and waiting to help out!

Start managing your clients the right way

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